Blending Skies for the Win!

Let's make a deal. You download these 10 free sky backgrounds from Anthony Morganti from the button below. Then download the 14-day trial of ON1 Photo RAW and follow along with the sky blending tutorial below. Very quickly, you will see how powerful and easy-to-use ON1 Photo RAW really is. Sound good? 

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Create Stunning Skies by Blending

If you are looking for a little more control and realistic-looking sky enhancements, try blending your existing sky with a new one instead of a total sky replacement. Giving your skies a little more depth and interest can change your photos entirely for the better. ON1 Photo RAW comes equipped with a full array of masking, refining, and healing tools. Even adding and blending in new skies can be as easy as adjusting just a few sliders.

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